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Conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project
Conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project

Conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project (Belgium–Great Britain)

Dear colleagues! We invite everyone involved in the world of medicine to join the participants and speakers of the International Conference of the European Medical Association and partners in Baku. The conference will be held from March 18 to 22, 2020 at the VIP-Milan Hospital.You will get acquainted with innovative methods of health improvement and treatment practiced in Azerbaijan, you will be able to become speakers of the conference and carry out master classes, conclude cooperation agreements, get acquainted with the healing nature and historical sights of the republic. You will enjoy a rich, vibrant programme and truly Caucasian hospitality. We are waiting for you!

"Medical tourism and health improvement: Innovative Azerbaijan"
For heads of medical centres, clinics and recreational facilities, practicing physicians, scientists, psychologists, medical tourism specialists
Date: 19-21 March 2020
Venue: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Europe Business Assembly (Great Britain)
  • European Medical Association (Belgium)
  • VIP Milan Hospital (Azerbaijan)
  • International Association of Health Practice Specialists
  • Association of Specialists of Folk and Conventional Medicine of Ukraine
  • Institute of Education of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan

The agenda: Visiting academic debate. Presentation of activities of the European Medical Association and the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project. The official reception of participants by the President of EMA. Getting to know different know-hows, proposals for cooperation and innovative methods of work of the best medical centres, clinics, educational institutions, as well as unique recreational opportunities of local nature. The procedure of admission of the best medical practitioners to the ranks of EMA members. Master classes of leading medical practitioners and wellness experts from different countries.
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